Herby goodness

Every time that I see my little indoor herb setup, it makes me smile. I often then look closer and lament that they aren’t doing very well, but then I remind myself that there’s a foot of snow outside and it’s been well below zero already this winter, so having any fresh herbs at all is A Good Thing.

I just love cooking with herbs. Actually, I even like to pet them and release their herby smells. It just makes everything smell so lovely.

Fresh herbs are so very different than dried herbs, so while I will use dried when I don’t have fresh, it’s just not the same.

Some of my favorite meals involve many fresh herbs. Runny eggs with mint, chives, oregano? Check! Watermelon salad with goat cheese, balsamic vinegar and a sprinkling of whatever Frank brings in? Check. Fresh oregano on top of a pizza? Yes, please. Sage when I make gravy? Every time! Sweet potato crack with fresh thyme? One of my very favorites. Shepherd’s Pie with fresh rosemary, thyme and mint? It’s the absolute best.

We don’t have the best spot for indoor herbs at this place. We used to have it on top of the icebox, so in the kitchen where we saw it and remembered it. Now it’s in the bathroom above a door, right next door to the kitchen, so close, but somehow not quite close enough to remember to water it enough. The lights are on a time, at least, and I’m hoping those full spectrum lights will help my winter depression some.

The one thing that’s doing exceptionally well is the sorrel. Yet I can’t bring myself to use any yet, and we certainly don’t have enough for sorrel soup. Soon! I love sorrel. When I’m weeding in my garden, I spot it everywhere and snack on it. Such a treat.

I still have one window box that empty, and I have a spot for it. I need to get around to starting some more herbs from seed. Perhaps after the holidays are through I’ll have the urge to start playing in the dirt once the seed catalogs hit in full force and gardenporn season is upon us.

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