Water, Water Everywhere

But not a drop to drink.

In translation, there’s a foot of snow on the ground, but only the rabbits find eating snow to be an acceptable way to hydrate. They do seem just fine with doing so.

But, for everyone else, it means either hauling water or hauling hoses and then hauling them back. Option 3, running pipes 4 feet underground isn’t really an option. I did used to haul the hose to fill the electrically heated horse and sheep troughs. I could give them enough that I only had to do it twice a week. The pigs either broke their heater or flipped their trough because it was more fun to drink off the ground. Or both, with extra points for also getting burned on the heater.

We have however pulled back to only raising birds. While the waterfoul (sic) would love a heated swimming pool, keeping it clean would be basically impossible. So, we have standardized on half bushel trugs, once or twice a day. We still provide water in a dish for the young pullets, who are pouting in their mini coop over the cold temps, and for the bunnies, because, well, we spoil them rotten, because: free range bunnies.

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