Goose egg custard

My geese are laying up a storm already. It’s still way too cold for anyone to be setting, of course. As a matter of fact, we’re having a lovely snow storm today, with more than a foot expected. So Frank is on a seek and find mission every morning, looking to find their nests. They are burying them deep in the hay, at least, not in the snow, and mostly in convenient locations. There must be some mistake. We’ll continue to do that through all of April, usually. Then some time in May, it will no longer be safe, and we’ll start to let them raise a clutch. They love goslings and are getting better and better at this whole thing.

Instead of selling the goose eggs to restaurants this year, I’m trying to sell them locally instead at $2 each, with no minimum. It’s going well, so far. Restaurants love them, but they also take forever to pay the bill. Not everyone is willing to try a goose egg, though, so I’m going to post a few easy recipes where they shine.

Goose Egg Custard

1 goose egg
1 cup whole milk (I used raw cow milk)
1/4 cup maple syrup
1 teaspoon vanilla paste

Mix it all up and pour into 6 or 7 four ounce mason jars, fitted into a baking pan. Top the pan up with boiling water, and bake at 325 for 40 minutes.

I like to use mason jars because I can put lids on them in the ice box, and they’ll keep for a few days, so we can grab one whenever we want. It’s a nice little treat, not too sweet but rich and delicious. If I’m having company over, though, I’ll put them into my Fiestaware ramekins and just bake them a bit longer, about 45 minutes. Pretty!

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  1. I too , have a pair of geese ( one pair only ) who are laying eggs like crazy…I am new to the hobby farming thing and am always on the look out for info…Greta started nesting about a month and a half ago and many of her eggs froze…we finally took them away before she decided to sit because it was so cold anyway…she started again two weeks ago and we too just had a snowstorm with -20 degree temps and windchill warnings…and she is not sitting yet…so once again questioning the viability of her eggs …my question is , will they keep laying ?…I do not want to miss out on some goslings this spring but am always worried if I take her eggs away that she will not lay a third time?…this is my first experience with geese laying , so any help you can offer is awesome…my pair are Poms…and BTW this custard looks amazing , so if the eggs are not going to hatch due to cold I will definitely be making this!!!…thanks for any help you can give me…


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