Happy First Birthday to our Third Litter!

Happy, happy birthday!

Wow did that year just fly by! I really can’t believe these guys are a year old already!

It’s been really fun to keep up with them. I love getting photos and hearing about their lives. I confess to stalking all my puppy people on Facebook, dropping by weekly to see if any new photos have been uploaded. I try not to be creepy about it! No one takes enough photos, if you ask me.

Loki has a great life on a farm here in Vermont. I get to see him weekly when I pick up my raw milk. He moves cows, he has a pond where he goes swimming, he keeps the crows from landing in his fields. He’s a great little greeter, so happy to meet all the farm customers.

Elska lives in Oregon and thinks her job is to keep the deer away. She goes on lots of hikes with her dads, I hear, and took a bit to warm up to swimming, but is a real pro who loves it now.

Siggi lives in Maine, and is another little fish. She loves to fetch sticks thrown as far out as possible in the ocean, and is starting to ride a board!

We were driving through Chester one day, Disa and I, when she did this funny bark because she recognized Kopur! That was really funny and it was great to get to see him. He looks remarkably like Loki, his twin brother. Such a happy little guy.

Runar lives the closest to us and I’ve only run into him once! We had all the girls in the car and Disa spotted him and what a bark fest that was. I’ve seen photos of him in a canoe and hiking and snuggling with his people, happy as can be.

Freyja also lives on a farm in Massachusetts and I think she might be the one who has changed the most. She lost so much of the black on her face! I didn’t see that one coming.

Anyway, happy, happy birthday to them all. It’s been a great year.

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