6 Boys, 1 Girl

So the verdict is 6 boys, 1 girl. Wow!

Boy, boy, girl, boy, boy, boy, boy! 6 boys and 1 girl, the little Harlequin.

All in a row

The first person with a deposit is my cousin, and she had originally wanted a foxy girl like Gaela. So she has to decide between the little Harlequin puppy or one of the foxy boys. Tough choice!

If she doesn’t take the girl, I will keep her.

The next person gets her pick of the boys. Then the next two didn’t have a sex preference.

I am putting people on the waiting list for the others. I will know what type of family I’m looking for as I figure out personalities. This is my favorite part, getting to know the little monsters.

I can say that the leader of the pack so far is the mostly black one. He was the first one born, the biggest and he’s already bossy! I think he should probably go to a farm. That herding instinct is strongest in my black and white puppies! Disa has so much influence!

Stay tuned for details.

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