Puppies on the brain

Gaela watchingWhat fabulous weather we are having here. It was 60 degrees when I got off from work today, and the girls and I went out for a few hours of romping around in the sun. It felt so good. I was in a t-shirt! Short sleeves.

The girls swam and ran and swam and ran. Well, everyone except Gaela. She’s definitely slowing down now. She did a lot of watching from the sidelines, where she is usually out in front. We are getting close!

She is having trouble jumping up in the truck or up into my kingsize bed, and is starting to decide that not every single thing that the other girls are barking at is worth investigating. Crazy talk!

I haven’t found her digging or otherwise nesting yet. But I’m home for the next three and a half days, yay, so I’ll be able to find out where if she is. I’m putting together the whelping box, and I’m going to try a tent of some flavor over it for more privacy. Her last litter, she insisted on a dark closet in the middle of the night, and had a lot of black babies.

2015-12-09_05-38-48 Our latest game is “paws” — different than “up”, with only the front legs on stuff. They can all do it reliably one at a time, but now we are working on everyone doing it together. They so love to play games with me and learn new stuff. They’ll find something suitable and offer it to me. So silly — logs, tables, benches.

So the first tie was October 12th, the last October 15th. She had six puppies last time. This is her second litter.

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