Such a good mama

All three of my girls are amazing mamas. It all started with Disa, of course, and both of her daughters had a good mama, and they’ve both turned out to be just the best at it themselves. So lovely to see. When one of Gaela’s pups makes a funny noise, they give her a bit to deal with it, but if it doesn’t get settled quickly, they go over to the whelping box to see. They stay out, but stare in. Most often, Gaela’s already dealing with it, but a couple of times she’s just watching the pup make a funny noise, and looks at them like “I don’t know! Must be dreaming. He’s fine, just vocalizing, really.”

Earlier this evening, we all heard the strangest noise and we went to see what was going on immediately. Gaela was nursing six, but one puppy was sound asleep and snoring, and she was making the strangest noise, I guess trying to wake him up? It was almost a purr, almost a pssst!

Trying to wake up the sleepyhead

After a bit, I nudged him over and all was well. It takes a family to raise a puppy!

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