Litter four: Gaela’s First Litter

We had another litter of puppies on June 16, 2014.

The dam is Mack Hill Gaela, and the sire is Pikatti’s Galdur.

There are six of them, born June 16. They have a whole photoset on Flickr.

And here they are:

TessaTessaThis is Tessa. She was the first one born, and the first one sold.

Noisy Nelly This is the other girl. We think she’s going to be gorgeous like her aunt Tyra. She is rather fond of her own voice. Lisa calls her Noisy Nellie.

Hanging with GrandmaEars headed up! Whiteface, AKA Panda, with his grandmother Disa. His face is noticeably more pointed than the others at this age. I would bet that he’ll end up with the standard spitz muzzle like everyone else. We tried translating “Panda” to Icelandic, as we did with “Tank” for Bryndreki, but discovered that the Icelandic for “panda” is “panda”.

Disa-like little boyZak Zak, who we expect to look just like his grandmother.

Ramp mastered Little Stripe with Panda at about 4 weeks.

Belly up baby boySo much like Kopur from our last litter And finally our cuddle bucket, the only one with a pure black face.

We expect to have litters from both Gaela and Stina in the early part of 2016, but none until then. We’ve yet to choose a stud for either. Our current thought is a brown/sable that carries black.

4 thoughts on “Litter four: Gaela’s First Litter”

    • Hi Jim,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We ask, and have been getting, $1500 for them, but we’re happy to barter. We need $500 in cash to cover our direct expenses, but after that, we’ve taken bees, goats, beef, raw milk….

    • We do indeed. Stina had a litter on June 9, so they will be ready to go in early August. As of today three boys and a girl are available. There will be a page about them in a day or two.


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