Litter One Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Our first litter of seven purebred Icelandic Sheepdog puppies were born on January 26, 2010.

They have all gone to their new families. It was great fun to have them, so we’re hooked on raising this breed. We are also seriously thinking of a second bitch so we can have a litter a year. Watch this space.

Bet you can't get the stick!Solhunder Töfradís (Disa for short) is the mother. She is a purebred, long-hair Black and White Tri-color Icelandic Sheepdog from Solhundur Icelandics in Toronto.. She is a phenomenal farm dog and herder. Here is a short video of her putting the cows in the shed one evening. She also herds sheep, ducks, pigs, horses, turkeys (and tractors). She loves to fetch sticks and balls, loves to swim, loves the snow. She’s incredibly smart. She’s a cuddlebucket, too. You can see literally hundreds of photos of her here. She is my best friend and goes with me almost everywhere. She sleeps on the bed with me every night, and is quite the cuddly girl. Her favorite thing to do is fetch sticks while swimming. Or chasing sticks in the woods, or anywhere, really. She likes to go bike riding with me. She loves squeaky balls and to have her tummy rubbed.

My pretty boy Bjarki is the father. He is also a purebred Icelandic sheepdog with a medium red, white and black coat. We got him from Frelsi Farm. He’s a total sweetheart who gets along amazingly well with everybody and every animal he’s ever met. He loves babies and children especially. He loves baby chicks, poults, fillies, but especially piglets. He gets along with dogs who never play with anyone else. Basically, he’s a great with everyone he’s ever met! His photo set is here.

Pre-Agility class Leave it! Icelandic sheepdogs are a medium-energy dog and do really well in agility, rally and other sports where they participate with you and are around other dogs. Many enjoy dog parks and other places where they can play with other dogs. You can get tons of information about the breed all over the web, but I like this article about them on Wikipedia.

Grrr! Tennis Ball Obsession Proud girl Goofballs Bjarki and Disa both love to play with balls, frisbees, chase, and fetch sticks. They love to catch balls out of the air. They are great at figuring out where the frisbee will turn and catching it. They play really well together. Bjarki in particular makes sure that everyone gets a chance to play, and will alternate between Frank and myself when he’s returning a toy. They are both great parents.

All seven puppies sold for $900 each, unregistered. Here is a set of their puppy pictures! I take a ton of photos, so if you need a puppy fix, check back often. (or piglets or lambs or chicks … )

We are using Early Neurological Stimulation on this brood of pups, as we love the results we see in Disa. Her breeder did this with her, and she is such a brave and resilient girl that we want to help out her puppies in a similar fashion.

Both experience and research have dominated the beneficial effects that can be achieved via early neurological stimulation, socialization and enrichment experiences. Each has been used to improve performance and to explain the differences that occur between individuals, their trainability, health and potential. The cumulative effects of the three stages have been well documented. They best serve the interests of owners who seek high levels of performance when properly used. Each has a cumulative effect and contributes to the development and the potential for individual performance.

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  2. Hi Lisa,
    I spent the morning hanging out with Tobin Eckian and Frida and am totally enamored with Frida. What a beautiful, sweet, playful, friendly pup! I understand that you amy not be planning another litter for a while. I have checked for other breeders on line and wonder if you are aware of anyone else who breeds icies and may have puppies available in the near future. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring your website, as well as those of Frelsi Farm and Sulhunder Icelandics, and reading up on the breed. I’d love to hear from you when you have the chance.
    Thanks! Sue

  3. Please let me know when you will be having another litter of Icelandic Sheep Puppies. I’m hoping and praying to be able to get one of these wonderful dogs!!!
    Thank You Very Much!!!

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Do you still have puppies available? Kim B. mentioned you may have two available.

    Thank you very much for your time.


  5. Hi, what an inspiring site! I rellay like your subject on pups and water! My dog is now so fond of water . no matter what temperature of time of the year he jumps in every time I walk him in the park. It’s a Leonberger . so you can imagine how much water, dirt and smell comes of him after his morning/ evening bath!


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