Mack Hill Gaela

Gaela and Disa Gaela is Disa’s daughter from our second litter, sired by Reike. Her name means “the cuddliest” and she is oh so true to her name. She cuddles with everyone she meets, loves everyone, and everyone loves her. She is an absolute snugglebug, and loves it best if she can be touching two or three of us at the same time. She is the first puppy that we kept, and was basically raised mostly by her mother, who did a fantastic job with her, never letting her get out of line and teaching her good manners, how not to chase chickens (body block, then give her a stick), how to swim (with a stick, used like a floatie) and all the other important parts of life.

Today's cuties She adopted an abandoned, orphaned kitten named Tara, and the two of them remain great friends still. They sleep together, always touching, they hunt together, chase each other around, wrestle together and are generally so sweet to each other and it’s amazing to watch them together.

Belly up Her first litter is (our Litter Four) was on June 16, 2014. The sire was Galdur, and they had six gorgeous, happy and healthy puppies. There were two girls, Nella and Tessa, and four boys, Rocky, Bear, Koda and Zak. Tessa is in Toronto, we kept Nelly. Zak is in upstate New York, and Bear and Rocky went together to a house in Weston, Vermont.

On top of the stairs

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