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Lisa and I have been online for years. We met on Compuserve back in 1989. The internet is a big part of our plans for making the farm a viable means of support.

We are finally able to get DSL (real connectivity) giving us actual better service than Kinshasha and Ulan Bator. The site is hosted on Verve Hosting.

We’re using WordPress for a Content Management System (CMS), as well as for the journal I dropped Moveable Type like a hot potato for WordPres 1.0.1. WordPress, since 2.x, is a very well-designed and implemented application. I’ve had very minimal need to actually hack the PHP, and when I need to, the documentation and organization make it straightforward, if not actually easy, to do. I started the site design witha theme by Andreas Viklund. We’ve now moved on to Thesis albeit tweaked to look like the original. Thesis makes administration much simpler, and the Thesis Openhook plugin largely ends the need to run emacs over ssh.

We used Gallery to serve our images for many years, but have moved to Flickr. Gallery just never quite kept up: It’s worth the $25/year for Flickr pro.

Our e-commerce solution is still somwhat in the air. We’ve used Zen Cart in the past and may again. The real issue was accepting payment. Internet credit card processing is hideously expensive and a pain. Amazon or Google checkout look pretty good compared to the alternatives, and of course then we need to look at the companion storefront applications. For the moment we use direct paypal.

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