Pickled Chanterelle Mushrooms

Pickled chanterelle mushrooms We first made these last year after a big chanterelle haul, and they are delicious.

Today's haulMissouri seems to be ‘shroomer’s paradise, so I made them again yesterday.

I’m pretty sure that we started with this recipe. Lisa used rice wine vinegar instead of white wine vinegar because that was what we had. According to the Flickr caption she left out the thyme as well. I did the same in both cases, not wanting to mess with success. I have high hopes of making another batch and will try adding the thyme. There is a bug in this recipe as written though. If you’re planning to can into smaller jars, putting the spices into the liquid before it goes into the pan pretty much guarantees that the ‘chunky’ spices will concentrate in some jars leaving other short. what we did was put a chunk of bay leaf, an allspice berry and a couple of peppercorns into each jar before adding the mushrooms and liquid. Since we plan to let them steep for several months the slower development because of not boiling the spices should not be an issue.

You’ll notice that the original recipe mentions ‘spicebush’ as an allspice alternative. I’ve never lived where that grows, before, but I’ll try some as soon as I learn to id them. I’m sure white wine vinegar would work well, but some recipes on the web call for apple cider vinegar, which Lisa and both fear would overwhelm the delicate flavor of the chanterelles.

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