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Let's play! One of my favorite photos of Bassi as a baby. He’d woken up way before the other puppies, so I took him outside and introduced him to Maggie, our Great Pyr guardian dog who loves loves loves puppies. He stood there so bravely while she tried to get him to play, not understanding how scary she might be, and he was shaking like a leaf, but didn’t want to come in. He and his sister looked so much alike as babies, and still do, and the two of them would often leave the pack and when I couldn’t find them, I just had to look for the ducks or geese, and there they would be, thrilled with the power they discovered they had, moving them around, herding instincts so strong at such a young age.

BassiHe’s turned into such a handsome boy, a true tri-color, with the tan showing up in such a distinctive fashion, not just black and white like his mama. It looks like he got her long coat, though, as well as her herding instincts and cuddliness, something he did a lot as a puppy as well as in his forever home.

Bosco's new family! Bassi lives with a wonderful family in upstate New York, as an only dog (for now) with a family that is very active. I heard he has a special seat to ride on a motorcycle, and that he is rarely alone at all, something that suits his personality perfectly. Here is what they say about him:

Bassi is a very loveable, beautiful dog, loaded with personality. He LOVES hanging out with his “peeps” & we’d say its his favorite thing to do! He seems just as content to lie around on the couch as he is to run in the yard. He’s extremely playful, loves squeaky toys, sticks, loves playing keep away and seems to have an extremely long attention span. If we hide a certain toy and ask him to find it, he’ll spend 20 min looking for it. It rarely takes him even close to that long though, he’ll sniff everywhere until he finds that particular toy. He’d be a great tracker! He’s super smart, knows LOTS of words.

He is absolutely GORGEOUS! He has a tri-color, beautiful, Self-CLEANING, super soft double coat with VERY long hair, especially on his tail and rear end.

He is quite vocal, he doesn’t bark incessantly but is pretty loud when someone or something is in our yard. He’s very alert & nosey even, has to know what you are doing at all times. He dislikes anything that flies: birds, planes, dragon flies etc…

He does HATE to be alone! He’s NEVER touched a thing in our house but boy does he make you feel bad if you leave him alone ( which is like NEVER, we usually bring him to a woman we know or have someone stay with him if we are gone more than a coupla hours!!!) He gets a bit overly excited in public as well, barking a bit too loud until everyone pays attention to him. He’s the same way in he car which is something we REALLY need to work on with him. He also barks LOUDLY whenever anyone leaves, he likes to keep “the herd” all in one place! šŸ˜‰

Overall, his good traits far, far outweigh his minor bad ones. He’s so cuddly and loveable and highly entertaining and an all around great buddy and member of our family.

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