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We are shipping chicks and eggs in 2017.

Just for the record, we are a very small operation, a couple with one cabinet incubator in Kirbyville, Missouri. (Previously we were in NH for over 20 years, and VT for a couple of years.) We don’t sell any chicks except Icelandic Chickens, all pure, straight run. We have all four import lines mixed together as one flock. We’ve been keeping Icies for 10 years now. We have no other chickens on our farm.

Day old Icelandic chicks, straight run, 15 minimum, $8.00, plus overnight shipping and a special chick box.

For local pick up, there is no minimum. Write me for an appointment.

$25 non-refundable deposit to hold a spot on the list, and you must pay in full before we ship.

18 hatching eggs $50, includes postage. The weather must be such that they won’t freeze in transit. Since moving to Missouri, we’ve noticed that the hatch rate fell drastically at roughly the time that USPS embargoed live chicks. From now on we will stop shipping eggs at the same time we can no longer ship chicks due to heat restrictions.

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  1. I would like to buy some pullets. I am in Alexandria, NH, not too far away, so I can pick up when they are ready. 6 or 8 if possible. Thanx.

  2. I live nearby too and am interested in Icelandic hens, but wonder how they’d be around little kids. Are they docile enough to be handled?

  3. I plan on needing Icelandic chicks or eggs in about three months. I enjoyed your website. Have a good evening.



  4. I would like to add my name to the waiting list. I tried to use your “Shop” and my order was canceled. I’m interested in 25 day old chicks.



  5. I would like to get 8-10 chicks, I am in Durango Colorado can you ship them here
    or do I need to find another source? Thanks for the reply!

    • We can and do ship anywhere in the 49 states. We are not currently shipping because the PO won’t take them if it is over 80F, but will restart in September. Also, our minimum is 12 chicks. They are too young to regulate their body temperature, so there needs to be a critical mass for them to keep warm.

  6. hi
    i would like to order 12-20 chicks to ship to idaho. what would the cost be for shipping and would i be able to order them for shipment in march or april of 2015?
    many thanks

  7. I want to get some Icelandic Chicks but it will be a year before putting my name on the list and the money to do it with. Will you ship to Alaska? Maybe by next summer you will be able to. Maybe the price of the chicks will be down a little too by then. I understand these are special rare birds and are more expensive than other birds that are over bred and are mostly hybrids. I sell eggs and want to sell chickens for meat too in the future. I am also a very small business and want to keep it that way. You (us) get too big and you forget where you came from & why you started. (:

  8. What beautiful birds!! I’m interested in a dozen chicks for Indiana. Before I place an order, will this be fulfilled in the Spring of 2015? Thanks!

  9. i ordered and paid for 30 icelandic chicks on sept 14. i’ve emailed three times since then and received no response about when the peeps would be shipped. can you please contact me to confirm the order and let know when it will be fulfilled?

    • If you are close enough to pick up in Vermont, we have chicks of various ages that we are willing to part with. But we’re done shipping for the year and are taking reservations for next year at this point.

  10. I’m interested in starting an Icie flock here in rural Maine. I’ve just placed an order for hatching eggs and have inquiries out to other breeders for stock from different lines. Please let me know if my order has gone through correctly or if any adjustments need to be made. Thank you for Farming!!!

    • I will put you on the list. We’re likely to call you early if we have hatchlings that it seems too cold to ship. We’ll hold them for a few days until we can meet somewhere.

  11. I would like to put a spot in for 4 pulletc in the spring. You did say that one male would be in that order,correct? Also wold like to know where you are located so if close enough I could pi k them up. Thanks

    • We’re in Windsor, VT. I need to edit that page, because the shipping department has decided that shipping pullets is more trouble than it’s worth. We have to charge crazy money for the shipping, and we really don’t have that many that we can’t sell locally.

  12. I’m just checking in on the order I placed with you October 9th. I’m hoping that the shipment went out on Saturday the 11th as Richard had planned. And to see if you had an eta?

    Thanks so much!

  13. Yesterday we placed an order for hatching eggs that you said were availabe through our email conversation. Yesterday it was confirmed and today it says its cancelled. Confused karen p.

    • Sorry to have missed this, but yes, of course Please let me know where you are: there’s usually a few weeks in the Spring that will ship to South Carolina, but not North Dakota.

  14. can you ship eight chicks to california? don’t want to put to much stress on the chickens but my uncle is a total chicken lover and is always babying them, so they would be in good hands. his current flock is ready to be retired and is looking for new ones, as the old ones will soon be in the soup pot. will need them by this spring of 2015, if possible. how, much would it cost all together? thanks, bye

    • On the list you are, but our minimum to ship is 15, the same as Murray MacMurray or Sand Hill. The little guys can’t yet regulate their body temperature, and need a critical mass to huddle together.

  15. Do you know what lines you have? I am looking to diversify my flock (if four can be called a flock). I live in IL so of course I have the Behl line.

  16. Hello. I am so excited to have found you. Last year while I was recovering from surgery and reading Grit magazine I read about this breed. I would love to be added to your waiting list of minimum order of day old chicks. Please let me know price with shipping costs. Thank you. Donna

    • We’ve decided not to take orders this spring. We are still rebuilding from our move last year, and there is just too much still going on.

  17. Do you know if you will be taking any orders this coming spring? Are you located in Missouri now or is that where you moved from? If so I could drive to you to pick up… Looking to start a small flock of icelandic for our homestead to get moving on being as self sufficient as possible.

  18. I was curious as to how long the
    Wait is on the list. Also will i need to order 15? They would be Coming to northern Illinois.
    Thanks Heather

    • We are still sorting the waitlist. We are hoping to start shipping the first week of April, but mother nature is in charge. For shipping you do need to order 15. If we have hatch problems and the weather looks good, I will ship as few as 12, with a refund. Day old chicks cannot regulate their body temperature. If they can’t get under mommy’s wings, there must be enough of them to huddle together.

  19. I’m in Kirbyville MO as well and am interested in getting some Icelandic’s what do I need to do to get some for pickup since I am local?

  20. I would really like to buy some chicks. I have 4 Iclandic rooster and would love to have more, chickens not just roosters. I live in North Florida, Havana, just North of Tallahassee. I’ve never hatched eggs so what would you recommend?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Barbara Willis
    470 Tall Pine Dr
    Havana, FL 32333

    850 556 7847

    Facebook name Barbara BJ Willis

  21. Hello we are thinking of switching to the Icelandic chicken breed but have a few questions about them first. Do the apple baskets they lay in get soiled or do they keep them clean? Also do they lay in the coop or do they give you perpetual easter egg hunts. We have bantam chickens and they lay everywhere? We also have a problem of them not going in the coop in the evening so we have to round them up everyday. Do the Icelandic chickens go in the coop in the evening? Thank you

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