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  1. Found you in my stats and decided to tell the world:

    Glad to see you are using WordPress. Have you seen this? It’s a CMS built on WordPress.

    Also, if you don’t have Lorelle in your feed reader, you might want to do so. She has been a longtime support moderator and usually has the ear of the developers. Occasionally she writes something fluffy, but more often she knows what’s going on before anyone else does, and she’s good at pulling information together and writing clearly. If you already read her, everything I’ve said is superfluous. She recently did a post on image managing plugins, which is what made me think to mention her.

  2. Hi! I love your site, and I love the adopt-a-lamb program. The cell phone ringtone idea is brilliant. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a short interview for my website (www.newenglandgrown.com) about adopt-a-lamb? Drop me an email at kjweldon AT yahoo DOT com if you would be interested.


  3. Sounds wonderful- Lily from Othala Acres mentioned your site on Heathen Homesteads. I would love to have icelandic chickens (so far mostly we’ve had auracaunas). I understand there’s a waiting list for chicks? I’m in Lyndeboro- about an hour east of Keene, so it’s not too terribly far. Do let me know if it would be possible. I only would want a half dozen of them.Tchipakkan

  4. We’re happy to sell chicks. Normally it’s not so much a waiting list as that they’re hatched to order, which takes three weeks. Unfortunately, our incubator died Monday just as I started a batch for someone. I’m waiting for a part, so it would be six weeks or more before we could provide any.

  5. Hi, I am looking to buy 3-4 baby chicks. We live in Washington, NH, which is close by! I am wondering if you would consider selling some babies? We are looking for a small backyard flock for eggs.

  6. Sure — I will put you on the list! These guys make a great backyard flock. It’s what they did for all those centuries in Iceland.

  7. Hi,

    I’m a former Derry NH resident. Nice to see your great site. I am wondering how your Farmtek hay storage building survived the winter.

    Also the mentioning of duct tape makes me think the cover tears? It’s hard to find real-life reviews of that item.. Thanks

  8. It did really well, and this was the second snowiest winter on record. The cover has held up really well, no tears at all, and we got the model with the supports fairly close together for the snow load.

  9. Just received the honey in the mail. Delicious! and thanks for the little piece of raw wool – much appreciated it – my cat loved it too, sniffed it with much interest then proceeded to roll over the floor clawing it with his 4 paws – had to stop him else he’ d destroy it.

    PS. Have you considered selling your honey *raw*. They fetch higher prices, besides being healthier. I think WholeFoods has a program to help & sell from small local farmers, btw.

  10. Hi there! I am enjoying browsing your website from high in the VT hills on Maple Wind Farm, where I am currently interning. I am headed to Antioch this fall and don’t want to completely miss out on the diversified farm experience! Wondering if there are ways I could connect with you all??

  11. Looking for hatching eggs tried to order online but would not calculate shipping.
    Looking to buy 20. Let me know if you have any available and i would like to order by phone if possible. I am in Montana


  12. Just wanted to make contact so that I did not loose this site information. Wondering wether you will be selling hatching eggs next summer and if you still ship them. I came across this breed by accident and am always looking for a breed that is winter hardy and I mean really winter hardy, not the type that people claim are winter hardy because they survive -2. Thank you for you time. Lori

    • We do still sell eggs and we will be shipping them next summer. I don’t know the requirements for hatching eggs entering Canada, but we are inspected for interstate shipment, so that may be enough.

      Ours have done fine at -25 in a coop. However, they like to roost in trees, and we start losing them around -15 if we don’t catch them and put them away.

  13. My coop does have some solar heating, so they would not be exposed to -25 but I would rather have hardy breeds and not delicate animals. Honestly delicate is not for Canada, even though my coop does not freeze in winter, my chickens still have to be hardy. How much do you sell your eggs for. Have been looking into regulations. Thank you. Lori

  14. Interested in adding Icelandic chickens to my flock. Please let me know if you have any chicks/ eggs or pullets available. I can come and pick up.

  15. Hello. My husband and I are interested in finding an icelandic sheepdog puppy. Can you let us know if you have any plans of upcoming litters. Thank you very much. Best regards

  16. Hello Lisa and Frank!
    My name is Amy Crummett, I was doing some research and stumbled upon your website. I noted a pattern with icelandic sheepdogs, icelandic chickens… so on, and wondered if your sheep you mentioned were icelandic sheep? I own a small herd of icelandics and love them! Just wanted to say salutations from Utah and ask how icelandic sheepdogs are for working with sheep? I’m thinking about getting a dog or two to help with the sheep if my herd gets any bigger. Also if you know any icelandic owners more in the west I’d love to get in contact for buying selling, rams, breeding stock.. so on:) thanks so much! health and good luck to you!
    Amy crummett

    • Yup! We had Icelandic sheep for years, which is what got us started on the Icie path.

      You might want to go visit some Icies at Stubborn Elm Ranch, also in Utah. I think seeing them in action is the best thing. My dogs and my sheep just get each other, instinctively. They have both the sheep and the dogs. No chickens, yet!

  17. Hi Lisa,
    Got your contact from Laura Ford in Ontario, Canada. We live in Montreal, Canada, and have been looking for an ISD puppy for some time. Do you foresee getting a litter any time soon?
    Thank you for your response.

  18. Sir, I tried the email link but it did not work, I am looking to buy single ducks for the table, can you help?

    Thanking you in anticipation.

  19. I live in Greenbrier Arkansas and I think you guys are less than 3 hours away. I dont need 18 so I wanted to come up the week of Dec 18-20 to get 3-5 as I will already be driving to Fayetteville to pick up hatching eggs for a program I have started for disadvantaged kids in my community. Will you have chicks then?

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