Mack Hill Bryndreki

Mack Hill Bryndreki

Bryndi boy When Bryndreki (Bryndi, for short) was a puppy, he was the largest in his litter, by far. We started out calling him Fat Boy and then Tank, and when he started answering to that (oops!), Frank looked up the Icelandic word for tank, and found Bryndreki, which literally translated means “armored dragon”. I thought that sounded like the best puppy name ever.

The whole second litter was the snuggliest litter ever, and Bryndi was no exception. If there was a lap available, he was going to be on it, and if he could share it with another puppy, even better!

Despite being the biggest puppy, he was the most timid. He was the last to learn to go down stairs, the first one to flee from anything new. Too scary! Hold me! Such a big, baby boy. It was just adorable.

Bryndreki He of course outgrew all of that and grew into a big, handsome boy. He lives fairly close to us here in Vermont, so we’ve gotten to see him and know him, and he plays so well with Gaela. They are two peas in a pod with the very same play style, which includes lots of running around and chasing each other. And sticks! We can’t forget his stick obsession. He’s a strong swimmer, but doesn’t seem to be obsessed with water the way his mama is.

Here’s a short video of Gaela and Bryndi playing together, splashing around the water, with a stick, of course.

Tom Hall says: Bryndeki (Bryndi) is happy, curious, soft, alert, high energy, responsive, affectionate and omnipresent. He tends to be attached, mainly, to one person and doesn’t take separation easily. His presence is definitely felt. He is good with people and other dogs. He coexists with a strong cat, but both lack enthusiasm for the relationship.


When I’m tired he can be a pain, when I’m not he is rambunctious and joyful company. On balance, HE’S A GENUINE KEEPER!

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