My First Entry

I’m starting this journal as I start my newly finished (sort of) landscaped garden, as completed by a “pro”. It’s amazingly cool, fairly oriental looking, almost barren, and completely frozen. That’s not surprising, as it’s after Thanksgiving already.

The garden had grown completely wild after our house fire, and then two years of complete neglect while we lived in the Philly burbs before we built our second house in the same spot as the first. When we first moved back, it got some attention, but I hardly had the time with my travel schedule.

After selling some stock that I got as options, we decided to go all the way and hire a landscapers to come in and make it something entirely different, something “done”. They tried to saved many of my plants, things we know survive our 30 below temps, and we’ll see how they fared next spring.

I’m going to spend the winter going over seed catalogs, planning how I want to improve things, what trees I still want to put in, what outdoor sheds I want and need.

I’ll also want to read quite a bit on maintaining the pond. Having some place to document my progress and show off my pictures will be nice.

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