Seed starting

0408_005.jpgSpring is finally here. It doesn’t look like it outside, but I am starting my seeds anyway. Actually, it’s probably too late to start them from seeds, but it took a long time for my Burpee and Symour orders to get filled. I’m just very glad to be able to play in some dirt, anyway.

0408_004.jpg Today I did 4 trays of seeds, all on the second shelf of the unit on the farthest left side.

In the first tray, I put all 1500 seeds of Trailing Lobelia 06704A Cascade Mix from Seymours. Germination time in 14-21 days at 70 degrees, and it’s cold in the basement, so I don’t know how long they will take. I’m hoping to put these into all of the windows boxes along the edge of the deck. Hopefully, with the new irrigation in those boxes, I’ll be able to keep them watered enough, which was a problem last year — they dried out too quickly and then never really recovered. (annual)

The second tray has 400 seeds of Nemesia (07050A Blue and White, Seymour), which will germinate in 7-14 days at 55-70 degrees. (annual) Also, in individual pots in this same tray are 10 Datura (0567A Evening Fragrance, Seymour), which will germinate in 3-6 weeks at 55-65 degrees. (perennial, Hardy, shade)

The third tray has 8 geranium (5920, Sensation Mix, Seymour), which will germinate in 14-21 days. 20 Snowdrift White marigold (38356AK, Burpee), germinatin 5-8 days. And in the remainder of the tray, loose soil, are 100 seeds of Nierembergia Monc Blanc (49486AK, Burpee), which will germinate in 15-25 days.

The fourth tray is 15 seeds of Double Rosette Mix Impatiens (06344A Seymour) 15-21 day germination and 25 seeds of Morning Glory (06587A Start of Yelta, Seymour) which will germinate in 7-14 days at 70-80 degrees. Hmm. Wonder how long this one will take with a cold basement.

Weather conditions on April 7, 2001: Ground still snow covered. Probably 2-3 feet of snow at least. Huge piles around the deck. Basement very cold, furnace not running, no firewood left at all.

Soil used: I mixed in some Zoo Doo with the seed starting mix.

Using the water wand ordered from Burpee’s. Might need to find something with a lighter mist for the little seedlings, though.

Not sure if the two light bars are enough for these seedlings. Might need to add a third so that I can keep the lights down low enough. Haven’t yet hooked up the timer, so for now am having to remember to turn the lights on and off.

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