P5210010.jpgThe fish are getting more comfortable, and chowing down on bugs. I hope they figure out what the food is soon though. I doubt they’re getting enough bugs to grow. I could see about 10 of them, more than yesterday’s 6, so maybe they’re all OK.

I also planted an Italian honeysuckle that Lisa got from White Flower Farm, and some of the bulbs that spent the winter in the freezer because the landscapers worked till snow flew. The Siberian Squill looked pretty bad. I doubt that more than a quarter are viable. However the Daffs (of which we have about 200 still to plant) look fine once I was sure the frost from the freezer wasn’t mold. With any luck we’ll have daffs in July, and then they’ll be in synch next spring.

I saw a hummingbird at the oriole feeder again. (One there last night as well.) We have three hummingbird feeders as well, but he wanted oriole juice I guess. I think the bee guards were stopping him. I’ll try taking them off. After all, we don’t have them on the hummingbird feeders, and all I’ve seen there is the odd hummingbird moth, which is welcome as far as I’m concerned.

I wish I could get a picture of the daffs in front of the blooming crab tree, but I think it will be done before Lisa returns. It’s not supposed to happen, but it’s gorgeous.

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