Bursting into summer color

There is a severe thunderstorm warning today, with hail, wind and rain expected. It’s that kind of day today. I weeded for about an hour, but it was so hot and muggy that I could barely stand it.

062001_34.jpg There are lots of new things in bloom, especially my window boxes along the deck. The double petunias are out in force, and they just look gorgeous. Even with all of this heat, the pansies are still hanging in there, which honestly surprises me.

062001_39.jpgEven the upper balcony is becoming respectable, with the lantana coming along nicely, finally.

I’m happy to report all sorts of new additions from this past weekend. We were up in the Lebanon/Hanover area, and drove by a nursery with a ton of perennials on sale. Somehow we got about $120 worth of “on sale”. But we were in the pick-up truck, and filled half of it with flowers.

062001_07.jpgThe first rose is in bloom, right by the well. You can’t quite see what a pretty yellow color this is. It’s a cream color, really, sort of an antique white. I really like the color quite a bit. It goes well with the curled edges of the petals. It looks very graceful.

062001_04.jpgMy poor lawn woes continue. Valerie went out and mowed it again today. It looks so pretty freshly mowed, but it’s still very thin. I saw Skip from Artisan Landscape in Keene today, and he said they’ll be out next week to reseed yet again. Valerie went up on the roof to try to get a better view with the camera. I wanted to be able to show the patterns from the lawn tractor, over the septic field.

062001_03.jpgI’m not quite sure what to do about this. Honestly, it’s mostly weeds, coming up through the loam that Skip put down last fall. What it really needs is a good broad-leaf weed killer, but with the new seedlings all mixed in, I’m not sure what to do. Frank thinks it’s better to just keep mowing the weeds, as having something to hold on to the soil is better than having it all wash away.

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