Baby sunflowers

P8280025.jpgI’ve got bird feeders above the window boxes on the upstairs balcony, and all sorts of little baby sunflower seedlings have been fighting it out with the annuals I planted in them. For a while, I was pulling them out as I deadheaded the boxes, but at some point, I just quit, and now there are these miniature sunflower plants all in bloom. They don’t look too shabby, actually, so I might just let them stay from now on. I doubt they are more than a foot tall, and that’s not really too tall for the boxes, right? Right.

P8280021.jpgThe glads continue to bloom happily, and I’m still loving their bright red and white colors, in between all of the other yellows that I have all over. I’m headed off for some major surgery this week, which will probably have me out of commission for a few weeks, at least. I’ve been trying to work really hard to get the garden to the spot where it can handle less tending to for a bit, and while I didn’t get everything done that needs to be done, oh well! The surgery date is here, so that’s it for a bit.

See you on the other side.

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