Fall freezes

101301_011.jpgAs advertised, here we are at the first weekend in October, and we are predictably at full peak of fall color. It’s a lazy, rainy day, though, and windy.

We have a freeze warning tonight. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to decide if I should go try to save some of my flower boxes by covering them up, or just give in and let them go. It was supposed to be a fairly hard freeze, down to 25 or so, so I’m not sure covering up would even help them. But after a couple of nights of frost, it’s supposed to stay above freezing for a while again, and it’d be nice to still have flowers.

101301_018.jpgFrank was out of town this week, and Jeremy decided tonight that being the man of the house means mowing the lawn. Nevermind that by the time he decided that, it was getting dark outside, and was cold, probably 40 degrees. Far be it for me to argue, though!

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