Ice storms and worm bins

PC180005.jpgWe rushed around madly last night but did everything we could think of to prepare for the snow that’s coming. We had to haul the rest of the window boxes off of the decks. There were still many left out there, but at least they’re all now in the house, at least. We covered the grill, pulled in the deck furniture, took the trailer off my little tractor with it’s baby plow all ready. Frank pulled the pump out of the pond, and said he saw eight poor little fishes coming up to him looking for food.

Oh yeah, in between all of that, the Magic Worm Farm that I’d ordered a week ago came in, so we had to get that all set up so the gross little things don’t die. Hopefully, we did it all right, and they are busy creating wonderful compost for me now. Did I mention that the whole thing is kind of gross, but I’m still psyched? When we were eating breakfast at the caf�, I kept wondering if I should ask them to save their egg shells for me. Should we stop and get more coffee grounds?

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