Frank vs. The Rock

There was much more time today spent in Frank vs. The Rock than we had planned. It all started out innocently enough. I was transplanting some of my 420 (what was I thinking?) perennials out into the garden. (NH weather is funky, just for the record. Less than 24 hours after it was snowing madly and sticking, I’m out there digging.)

First, I move all the mulch away. Then dig up the soil, and cover it in newspaper. I cut holes in the paper and plant my new litThe planting was going well, even if it was very time consuming. I’ve got a bit of a nasty weed infestation in this bed. Horsetail, it’s called, and I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. This time, I’m trying smothering, so I had to pull back all the mulch, remove the topsoil and weeds, replace the soil and cover in newspaper. Plant though holes in the paper, and recover with new mulch. Piece of cake, eh? I’m seriously hoping that if this doesn’t work, Frank will agree with me that we should try some poison.

Frank will just loop some heavy duty chain around the rock, and the tractor will pull it right out. Right?As I was busy digging, I’d been pulling out medium rocks all day. Hey, this is the Granite State. Except I found this rock that was too big for me to move. Turns out it was too big for either Frank alone, Frank with his tractor and chain, and even Frank with his truck and chain. It just wouldn’t budge. And I want it gone!

But other than that, very productive day. Frank got the potatoes and lilies planted too, and I’m making a dent in the perennials. Some day I’ll have a cottage garden, and all these beds will be completely full of plants. Until then, it’s a lot like freaking work! With a freeze warning for both tonight and tomorrow night, I can’t yet bring out my window boxes full of annuals, which I’m itching to do too, but oh well.

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