Garden Chores in the Snow

PB020006.jpgWe could only work out there for a couple of hours in these temps, and with the low stamina that we both have, post-surgery.

We’ve waited too long to put the garden to bed, of course. Pulling glads while there is snow on the ground? I haven’t a clue if they’ll come back for me next year now or not.

PB020009.jpgFrank finally pulled the pump from the pond, waking up the fish in the process, who promptly wanted to be fed again. Uh, no. The pond is covered with skim ice already. It seems very early for that.

Only about half of the firewood that we bought has been stacked, unfortunately. If this winter turns out to be cold and snowy, we are going to be very cold (but not snowy) by about February.

All of the window boxes are still up on the upper balcony, but I guess they’ll be there until spring at this rate. I bribed Valerie into hauling in most of the first floor boxes, but no one’s touched the ones upstairs.

Oh well. Not much we can do about it at this point. I keep telling myself it’s “just” the garden, but my self isn’t convinced.

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