Well, It’s Up

OK, I’ve got Moveable Type installed on the new server, in its default configuration. It’s definitely good stuff. Follow the directions (which all make sense) and it works. You do have to set up a database and a user on MySQL first. This too is not hard, but you do have to buy a book to tell you how.

I tried the MySQL online help long ago. Buy a book. I have MySQL by Michael Kofler. It was highly recommended on Amazon, and I concur. Well written and explains both what to do, and why. (I’m big on why. If you don’t understand why, you’ll leave something out and have to do it over.)

Meanwhile, our ISP filed for bankruptcy yesterday. Verizon thinks we should just flip our Frame Relay over to them. I’m trying to get ahold of Monadnock Connect because the last time I talked to them, I could get a full T1 for a little less than we’re paying for our current 384k. But I can’t actaully reach anyone today, whcih just doesn’t give me warm fuzzies. An ISP that you communicate with by notes left on his desk to be picked up once a week? Hmm.

Anyway, we either get cut off on Wednesday or not. And no matter what, there’s gonna be a hiccup when I give the nameservers new IPs.

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