Bogged Down

P3290053.jpgThe snow is melting so fast that the yard is almost a pond itself. The driveway, too. Even with all that gravel, it’s not draining near fast enough. There are ruts along the edges from the cars going off of the driveway, too, which is bad. We need to come up with some sort of barrier. Not that I know what sort of barrier will let Mike plow the snow, but keep us from parking on the grass.

P3290056.jpgThe snow has gone completely from the circle drive in front, and the side yard. The back, including the entire septic field, is still all covered. Frank went over to the future veggie garden to see if we could walk around and start marking it out, but found the snow was still a foot deep in that part of the woods.

P3290046.jpgThis poor little bird was in the gazebo. We think she was looking for a nesting site, and ended up in the gazebo. Frank went down and helped her out, but we have high hopes for nesting birds this year!

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