Sendmail meets Linuxconf

I may just have finally gotten everything working on the mail system.

To recap: I need SMTP-Auth, because Lisa travels with her laptop, and that’s the only solid way to let her send mail from hotel rooms. I also like to use Linuxconf, especially for sendmail:

First I have no clue and no three days to spend hunting for the clue on how to do virtual hosting without the Linuxconf magic

Second, there are a whole bunch of things: banning a spammer, redirecting a bogoaddress like “admin” that I do know how to do in sendmail, but take maybe a quarter the time in Linuxconf.

Now comes the problem. Linuxconf basically still seems to be stuck on Sendmail 8.9, and Smtp-Auth came in with 8.10. So there’s nothing in LCs little connection of cf snippets about it at all. So, what I did was edit to allow Smtp-Auth, and did m4 > fred.tmp. Then I cut the appropriate lines out of fred.tmp and pasted them into “” (I chose that because it has nothing but comments, so all the actual macros will be mine).

First the good news: It works. I now have sendmail both virtual hosting (mail to is coming through), and demanding passwords. Yee Ha.

Now the bad news. The Linuxconf docs say to put the modified files into /etc/mail, and linuxconf will see them, and use them, allowing you to keep the distro files in /usr/lib/linuxconf/mailconf. This does not work. When I did that, linuxconf was blissfully ignorant of any changes, and when I forced a rebuild of it did nothing.

However, when I copied the modded file into the linuxconf tree LC recognized that it had been changed, and told me needed rebuilding. I rebuilt and it all works.

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