Today it’s the Firewall

Jeremy’s home from school, so he needs some ports opened in the firewall to play a game or 6. Last night I opened them out-bound, but that didn’t do it. I added in-bound today, but I don’t know if he’s tried again. If it doesn’t work I’ll give him a static IP and put him outside the firewall.

Then, I’m running secondary DNS on the firewall, and it’s not doing zone transfers. I opened up tcp on port 53. Mayhap that will do it. I guess I should have restarted named, eh?

Finally, Lisa is using an old laptop while hers is off to IBM to be fixed. It wouldn’t DHCP, though everything else seems to, and it did down in Washington. Since it’s only here for a week, I gave it a static 192.168.x.y IP and all seems to be cool

Finally the peanut gallery would like a file server. This actually seems like a very reasonable request. Bunter has the space, but he’s in the outer bailey. I think I’ll buy Music another drive instead, even though he’s running Win-ninety-ten, which is not what you call a server OS.

On the good side I think I’ve weeded out all the typos and have webalizer running on all the domains that are up. We’ll see in the morning.

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