P3050006.jpgI’m basically amazed at how quickly these little seedlings came up. All of them said things like 7-10 days on the seed packet, but I followed the directions, soaked many of them in water overnight as directed, and I had something in every flat in two days.

Some of the morning glories don’t look so hot though. They are already a couple of inches tall. Should I pinch them back already? I wonder how long I should keep them on the hot mat? I wish I knew more about growing stuff from seed.

I don’t have more room on the hot mat to start more things that require heat and light, but I found a couple of things in my seeds that wanted 70 degrees and dark, so I started those today and put them in black plastic bags on top of the refrigerator. 7-10 days it says for those, so we’ll see how they do. I wonder if I should open up the bag to water or just leave it sealed for a week and see how they are?

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