Cold-weather crops

P4140001.jpgI started some veggies up on the upstairs balcony today. Last year, I did lettuce, garlic, and onions. The garlic never did anything, the onions were great as scallions, and the lettuce was a hit with everyone, and lasted deep into the summer.

So this year, since the veggie patch is going to take a while to get ready, I’m going to do a bunch of stuff in window boxes upstairs again. I’ll do more than I did last year, of course, because it was such a success.

We went to Agway in search of light bulbs early this morning, and I just shouldn’t be allowed near a seed rack unchaperoned! The packs I bought. Ten or twelve things, I think, when I just made myself walk away.

So today I put lettuce and onions in window boxes, and peas. Peas don’t have to climb, right? They can hang down and all will be well. Experimenting is a bit scary to me. I like to follow rules! But I did one two foot box of lettuce and peas, and one three foot box of onions. These aren’t going under the lights like all of the other things — they are cold weather crops, so they are staying outside.

It’ll be handy, having them on the second floor where the kitchen is.

No more flower window box stuff was done in the basement. By the time I got all 48 of the ones I have watered, I was too tired and wanted to get the onions in before the sunlight was gone. Have I mentioned how much work it is to pull them all off the shelves and onto the floor to water, and then put them back again?

P4140009.jpgWhile I did all that, Frank cut, split and stacked firewood. Firewood Is Forever.

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