Retreating snow, mark two

P4120017.jpgThere’s quite a bit of bare ground out there again. We’re back to mud and puddles, and the pond is completely clear today. Frank says it looks much better but that it doesn’t smell that much better. He turned the pump back on today.

P4120012.jpgWe clearly left too many dead leaves and stuff like that in it last fall. The problem with that is that the leaves were still falling when it froze over. We had an early cold snap last fall. To be honest, we each also had surgery in October, so we just weren’t out there enough, either.

I haven’t seen what happened to the daffodil shoots that had popped up before when we had bare ground and warm weather two weeks ago, before this last foot of snow came. I think I’ll go hunting for them tomorrow. The ground is so soggy today though that we really don’t want to walk on it.

Frank went up to Quebec last Monday and bought himself a sawmill. It’s now (unfortunately in my opinion) sitting outside on the deck. I hope it doesn’t stay there long. But that’s a big step toward the garden shed that I want. I’ll let him write his own entry about why he chose that particular brand and model.

Crocus!The crocuses are back out though. Very pretty this year. We think they are either spreading or we planted more last fall though neither of us remember that. I like they way the look against the darker mulch than I did last year. I think the mulch was a very faded gray color, and the white flowers barely showed up. This year, we mulched with compost more than anything else, and the bark mulch is older, and maybe darker? Or maybe it’s just all wet and will fade again later. But anyway, I like it now.

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