A bad two weeks

It all started two weeks ago today. We had a bad power hit, and it killed Bunter’s hard drive. (An IBM DeskStar. I’ve heard from other sources as well that these are not what you expect from IBM. We have a Maxtor now.) Of course it took me a while to decide that the drive itself was bad. On the second attempt at reinstalling Linux I finally told the installer to check for bad sectors, and was told I had a good paperweight.

So off to Staples for another. (The price was not half bad given that I was down.)

So I get (almost) everything back up quickly. Unfortunately I didn’t have a backup of the MySQL db for Moveable Type. Yup, dumb. Now I know. Just didn’t occure to me that the MySQL data was elsewhere

Fortunately I do have all the entries. Unfortunately, MT needs a funky import format. Even more unfortunately, Saxon absotively posiliutely refuses to read MT’s files. They’re not well formed for one thing, but even after I fix that, only the root template will fire. I have no clue why after many hours of chasing it. I can either try to get Xalan running or try on Windows, or just use some perl regexes. Anyway, I’m not a real happy camper just right now.

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