Movably typing

I got tired of fighting with Moveable Type. Arguably the problems with the garden journal could be due to my hacking on it. However, this journal, and Crustimony Proseedcake are both totally stock. Any yup, not only are they not valid per the doctype, they are not even well formed XHTML. Mumble curse mutter swear.

It was pretty clear that it would be no more trouble to just spit out the import format than it would be to get something that XSLT wouldn’t barf at, so I blew the dust off the camel book and went to work.

I now have everything into to test journal, but there are a few glitches, so I need to make one more pass at the script. I’ll post it here (and maybe when I write the version for stock journals.

Meanwhile, if you use MoveableType. FIX THE TEMPLATES to produce well-formed output before it bites you in the tail.

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