Tulips and more tulips

P5170008.jpgOf course, it didn’t freeze last night. Our weather station says it went down to 37, so everything probably would have been okay even without all the covering up I did. But since there’s another frost warning tonight, it makes sense to just leave them all right where they are and covered them up just in case, again.

I think tonight is the last worrying night. The ten day forecast shows lows in the mid-40s the whole time, so I think we’re good to go from here.

I was going to finally plant out the cosmos, but with a frost warning tonight, I think they’ll have to wait another day. I still am not sure where I want them, though I think I’m settling on the bed in the center of the driveway, on the edge by the lawn. I eventually want heather along that spot, but since these are annuals, that plan can be for next year. That bed is also so big that I need stepping stones in there, and I’d like to get those in place before I put the heather in. (or roses — I could fill that bed with roses, too. Hmmm.)

P5170013.jpgI worked on the bed right at the front of the garden, where Frank had the fight with the huge rock last year. I was pretty upset to find the horsetail weed coming up all over the place again. Last year, I’d tried to smother it with newspaper and mulch, and it doesn’t seem to have done much good. It was still all through the bed, and creeping further down the driveway as well. Ugh. I’m not sure what else to try. I pulled up what I could see again today, but the roots are long and deep and very difficult to pull up. I know I left a lot of roots still in the beds.

We went down to the town swap sale in the village and picked up a few plants. I got four primroses from the woman from Acworth who I’d gotten one from last last. I planted them next to that one, too. I’d like to get that pathway lines with spreading things.

We also found a couple has started a new nursery here in town, and I got a delphinium and a fancy purple coneflower from them. We’ll have to check out their new place. We did notice, though, that they were selling tea roses as well. Those won’t survive in Marlow, which makes me worry about how much they know about the climate they are selling into.

Frank got the new water lilies planted in the deepest part of the pond by taking off his pants and wading in, heh. Too bad I didn’t have the camera handy then!

P5170012.jpgThe new fish don’t know what fish food is yet, and just let it all float on top. Still, it’ll be nice to have fish to feed every day again. That was a nice thing to look forward to for the last couple of years, and something that people who visited liked to do as well. It feels silly to get too attached to fish, doesn’t it? Oh well.

Frank spread mulch out behind me as I worked on the bed by the driveway. He found a lot of day lily seedlings growing in the mulch pile, and I transplanted them into the bed I was weeding. I’ve got a lot of fancy day lilies planted in that bed, but there’s no reason I can’t have a lot of boring orange ones in there as well. I think they’re pretty, and we’d like to figure out how to harvest them for hot and sour soup.

P5170019.jpgThe tulip bed is just spectacular right now. We could take a thousand pictures of it, and I just really enjoyed resting and drinking water, sitting on a rock in front of them.

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