After work work

P6160010.jpgIt’s so pretty today that we really can’t stay inside for long. We went outside for a bit of fiddling at lunch today, and again right after work as well. The sun is out, the air is warm, and it’s like Summer magically happened overnight. The butterflies are out in full force, too.

P6160031.jpgAll sorts of new things blossomed today. I have a meadowrue, which is right in front of the house and I haven’t a clue how I have it. It’s right in the middle of all my columbine, and we thought it might be a funky variety. So pretty, lilac colored. It’s right next to a chocolate colored spurless columbine, so has some stiff competition in the beauty contest.

P6160020.jpgThe climbing blaze rose that we put behind the gazebo is blooming. We need to get back there and get the trellis up behind it. The clematis from the Wal-Mart sale that I’d planted out there seem to have survived so far as well, which is great. I wasn’t sure how many of those would make it.

P6160018.jpgI made another pass at weeding the potato patch. All the rain we’ve had so far has the potatoes coming in really nicely, but unfortunately there are weeds coming all the up through the lasagna layers we’d put out there. There’s probably a foot of coffee grounds, cardboard and other stuff, capped off by mulch, but still the weeds come through.

P6160025.jpgOf course, our lupines are probably at peak right now. We have many more purple this year than last. Before long, they’ll all be purple, but that’s okay, they are still gorgeous. They are spreading so much. I will be much more ruthless deadheading them this year so they don’t completely take over.

The fish are slowly getting more used to us. They’ve finally figured out that the stuff floating on top that we throw at them is food, but they won’t eat it until we either crouch down low or go away, then they go into a feeding frenzy. I wonder how long it will take them to connect it with us like our other ones did?

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