End of June

P6300048.jpgThe garden is definitely in transition, from our June bursts of bloom and the start of the summer colors of yellow and gold. For some reason, I seem to have a lot of white things blooming right now, not that I’m complaining. It just means I need to buy more plants! What a hardship.

P6300057.jpgMadame Hardy, in particular, is going both barrels on both bushes, just absolutely covered in blooms. She’s so pretty! I really like that really full look. I used to think I wanted more classic-shaped roses, but I was wrong. She is delightful.

P6300055.jpgThe white bells companula are blooming, right behind the blue delphinium, looking quite lovely. The honeysuckle is just starting, in that oddly pale orange color, which I am still not convinced I like, actually. It seems to be climbing the pergola post quite well, at least. If I pull it, I’m not sure what I’d put in place of it, though, so it stays for now.

Trollius Golden Queen behind a hardy geraniumSome summer colors are starting. The Trollius Golden Queen is going strong right behind a pretty blue hardy geranium. I wasn’t sure what the orange flower was, actually. Everyone here in town kept calling it a Globe Flower, but it didn’t look like the globe flowers I could find descriptions of on the net. But I’m pretty sure it is the Golden Queen variety of Trollius, whose common name is Globe Flower. Go figure! The flower spikes are almost four feet tall, and quite sturdy. I wouldn’t mind at all if she naturalized!

P6300046.jpgOne of the color combinations I’m really liking is the purple foxglove right behind the centaurea montana. Okay, that’s not really a color combination, because right now, they are almost exactly the same color! But the shape and textures of the two flowers is as different as they can be, as is the height of the plants and the different foliage shape and texture. I think they look just stunning together, and it’s a pity that the Centaurea is almost done and the foxglove is just starting.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think that I’d planned that, by the way? But the centaurea is a seedling, all the way across the grass. It was just a small two-inch plant last year, but is doing well this year. There’s one other seedling over by the start of the lily’s stone path, but that one still looks very stunted. Maybe I should give it some compost and see if I can nurse it along. I really like these guys.

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