P7150006.jpgI tried to introduce the cats to the catnip plant that I planted earlier this year. I caught Yoda chewing on my clematis earlier in the evening, and I hate to scold him because he’s such a scaredy cat and I don’t want to scare him, but c’mon. Not on my clematis! None of them were that intrigued by the catnip, though they love it when it’s dried. I want to remember to harvest some later this year and dry it.

P7150012.jpgFrank noticed that the dogwoods are in definite need of pruning. The pathway that the stargazer lilies will hopefully soon line is being taken over by a huge dogwood as well as a rugosa rose, and we need to remember to figure out when we can prune them safely. We don’t want to lose this pathway.

Speaking of pathways, this one ends right at the gazebo, and I’m not sure it should. There’s a bit of a pathway down the iris hill where a rose died, and I think we should figure out where to get some more goshen stone and just finish the path all the way down the hill. We are walking there and wearing a path way anyway, so we might as well put the stone down.

Frank did the math and figures we need about $250 worth of stone to finish the path, and it should fit in our truck. I wonder how far away they are — can’t be far, but I need to research.

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