More plants, and planting

P0814011.jpg We went to the grand opening of a Home Depot in Keene last night. Their nursery isn’t great, but we did get some good deals. We were a bit disappointed in how many zone six and seven plants we saw. Keene might be zone 5, but most of the hill towns around Keene are definitely zone 4, so I think there are going to be a lot of unhappy people with dead plants next spring.

Here’s what we got, though:

3 Sarah Bernhardt peonies (Home Depot) 3 plants for $10 plus a (cheap) pruner. Frank reminded me that we already have her, but she’s pretty, so that’s okay. I’ll take more! She didn’t bloom for me last year, so I must remind myself to be patient.

4 Bearded Iris Orange Parade $5 (DeGroot) Marigold orange standards; Spanish orange falls; orange red beard.

4 Bearded Iris Batik

4 Bearded Iris Night Owl Wow, is this one pretty. It reminds me of the purplish black color of our Queen of Night tulips.

We got everything planted tonight, even though we didn’t get out there until after work, when the bugs should have been bad because it’s been so wet. But the Mosquito Magnet worked like a charm, and while I had a few bites, it wasn’t bad at all. What a change!

It took me a while to figure out where I wanted all of these plants. We had not only the new stuff from Home Depot, but all the things we got from Morningstar Farm last Sunday. Frank mowed the lawn while I thought and then he helped me plant them all in. We added worm castings to the planting holes, trying to improve the soil and get them started off right.

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