Today It’s the Tiger Lilies

P8090004.jpg P8090009.jpgThe stargazers continue gorgeous, and now the tiger lilies are out too. At least the ones in the garden. The ones in the wood need a few more days. We went out for a drive, and this seems to be the year of the tiger lily. They’re everywhere. Every garden over 50 years old has them, and they’re even blooming in the ditches the way daylilies usually do. And they’re beautiful.

While we were out, we visited Lisa’s favorite tree up in Claremont. The time the owners identified it as a Rose of Sharon, and it does look like that. It’s in a sheltered corner on the south side of the house. Maybe we can find a similar place for one.

A couple little red roses are blooming. Very pretty, but not thriving. Either the cold or the stuff the lamer landscapers called soil doesn’t agree with them. We’ll hope it’s the soil, and compost them.

P8090022.jpgAnd finally, it seems I didn’t get all of the hornets. There is a nest hanging off of the bottom of one of the bird feeders that is dangling from the upstairs balcony. The Agway hornet killer is all gone. I tried some stuff called “Real Kill” that we had bought at Sam’s Club. Nope. It’s a waste of time and money. It didn’t do a damned thing to them except piss them off.

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