P9150012.jpgI’ve been out of town for over a week, and I’ve missed my garden so much. As soon as I got home, Princess, Yoda and I went out to see how it was doing without me, and to see what’s in bloom at this point. I was out in Sacramento and San Francisco where it was really hot and dry, and it looks like we had the exact opposite of that weather here. What a rainy year it’s been.

P9150009.jpgI couldn’t stand the way the glads were looking, mostly spent and drooping onto the ground, so I cut off all the stalks, leaving only the few that were still in bloom. These bulbs should have plenty of time to store up good stuff for next year. I saw some hardy glads in a catalog the other day, and think I will order them. Supposedly they are shorter as well, so won’t flop over like these guys. I think I’m supposed to wait for at least one hard freeze before I pull them out of the ground for the winter. (but maybe I just made that up because that’s how I know it’s time? I should research.)

P9150010.jpgMost of the rose bushes have another flush of blooms, which is pretty surprising. The sedums are coming out, deepening in color. The obedient plants are blooming madly, all in purple. The burning bushes are looking great. Marmalade came out to join the party.

I’m home again for a bit, but we have so many outdoor chores in the fall that don’t involve the garden that I’m not sure I’ll do much here before it’s time to put it all to bed for the winter.

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