Killing frost

PA040002.jpgA pretty day, but the Marlow Harvest festival and a desperately needed shopping trip kept us out of the garden until very late. The shopping trip did provide us with a decent bulb planter. Damn this fancy Japan/Taiwan engineered bent metal. It’s a cup on a stick, 1/8 inch Penna. steel, welded in Bangor, Maine. It should last as long as I do, and if it doesn’t, I’ll weld it back together myself.

There’s another frost scheduled for tonight. The pepper plants still look ok, but all the immature peppers are thumbnail size. The basil and the tomatoes have gone all scraggly. I’m not sure why or how, but suddenly they’re all stem. So I grabbed one pepper and three tomatoes, and let the rest go.

I also cruised the driveway and the new garden for honey mushrooms. I saw many that died in Thursday’s frost, but I got another meal’s worth, and two random puffballs. The honeys are now parboiled and frozen, the puffballs are in the fridge.

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