Melting Snow

PA240004.jpgWhew! It is melting, though slowly. I don’t think it got out of the 30s today, but Frank insisted we go out after work and at least start spreading compost and mulch.

Mostly, I wimped out and watched him learn to use his scoop. I think he’ll get better at it, but right now it’s still a huge step up from using the pitchfork. It’s a bit messy, which is the part I hope he improves at, and he’s not getting it very full yet, but I think practice will help a lot. Moving the stuff around this way is so much faster and less work.

PA240016.jpgI really have to get out there this weekend and try to get ahead of him in these beds, though. I don’t want to spread compost on top of fallen leaves, because I fear they will mat down and not let water penetrate before they break down. Working outside in the cold and wet really isn’t fun, though. I hope it warms up this weekend.

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