Triple blooms and worms

PC180010.jpgAfter almost a week of waiting, all three blooms on my amaryllis are open. I’m still giving all the credit to the worm casting tea. I don’t follow any of the rules for caring for this, such as an enforced period of dormancy, and still, this is my third year of happy blooms, so I must be doing something right.

Speaking of the worm bins, the new one we bought (the tower thingie) seems to be working really well. The worms are climbing up to find the new food in the bin above them, and they are going through quite a bit of kitchen scraps. They can’t keep up with us, though, even on a regular day, so I’m not quite sure what we’re going to do with all of the veggie scraps over the holidays which are almost here.

We’ve been wondering if we could support a second bin, but in the meantime, Frank brought up some plastic buckets to keep on the upper balcony. I figure we can just dump them on the compost heaps in the spring, rather than shoveling a way out to the bins after every snow storm. I bet my compost bucket in the kitchen will get emptied more often when he doesn’t have to fight the snow and cold just to empty it.

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