P3280006.jpg I’m deciding that keeping bees is part of gardening, so I’m going to track them here in this journal, rather than trying to figure out some place else to do it.

We are taking a beekeeping class this spring offered by a local co-op farm, and we each ordered a hive kit as part of the class. We set out today to start putting the hives together.

P3280005.jpgMost of it was pretty easy, and we got all eight boxes put together, so we have two deep hive bodies each and two medium supers each. We started to put together the frames for the comb, but we don’t have the beewire or grommets for the sides, and they are back-ordered from the supplier too, so we are stopped for now. Princess supervised us the whole time, as usual.

Next stop: paint them.

The bees arrive on 4/24, so we are still okay time-wise, but we want to have everything ready when they get here, so it’s a bit worrying to be waiting for supplies.

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