Pansy progress

P3030009.jpgOnce the little things finally germinated, the pansy seedlings seem to be growing at quite a pace now. I pulled them off of the heating mat today and down to a shelf below, so that I could use the mat for other seeds and so that I don’t fry the little things.

P3030011.jpgI’m going to leave them in these starting trays for a few more weeks, I think, before I transplant them out into six-packs. I thought about leaving them just in these 40 set trays altogether, but there are several seedlings in each spot, so I need to separate them so they don’t crowd. I was hoping to simulate what my plug trays from the jollies look like, but I clearly haven’t figured it all out yet.

Still, my only goal with the pansies this year was too keep myself from buying them on impulse in early May like I always break down and do. I need early flowers, so figured I’d start some of my own. So far, so good.

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