Zen-Cart maximum image size

I just spent a couple hours demonstrating that there is a maximum product image size that can be be uploaded to ZenCart. I’m posting this here so the next person that hits the limit can save some torn hair.

Anyway, when creating or editing a product the expected situation is that you have a product image on your local drive that is uploaded to the server. And in general, it works and you get a little green ‘success’ notification when you click preview.

Unfortunately, if the image you select is larger than some magic number (for me it’s somewhere between 1.6 and 2.2 meg) it doesn’t go. For a new product there is no error message, just no picture, though the rest of the data goes in. An update however seems to do nothing at all if the image is too big.

I know this is a slapdash debugging job. Just use the workaround.

Suggested workaround: Use smaller images, even 800×600 fits under the limit. I can’t see why even the product detail view needs more pixels than that, and neither you nor your customers wants overlong downloads. I was using full size images to test over the local lan, figuring to make smaller versions later. I guess I’ll make them now.

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