Window Box Assembly Line

My seed growing set-up. II can’t believe how many window boxes I got up and running. Most years, I can do twelve of them on a good day. It usually takes me a few hours, I do them four at a time, and after three rounds of four, I’m wiped out and ready to do something else.

They are a lot of work because I’ve got to get rid of last year’s stuff before I can even start on putting in the new seedlings for this year, which means a lot of hauling them around, dumping the crap into my compost containers. Then I refill them with a mix of stuff, water them well, and finally start putting in seedlings. Then I water them again, and stack them on my shelves.

This time, though, I got through 28 of them in one afternoon. I’m not sure why they went so much faster. Frank thinks I’m just in better shape because I started running and working out last fall. Maybe I’m just more efficient as well, as this is my fourth year doing a bazillion window boxes.

They look great, though. I’m hoping to finish the rest in one more session, but haven’t a clue if I’m up for that. It will leave me a lot more time to fiddle with other things, start more things from seed, transplant my tomatoes and stuff like that, so I’m hoping the rest will go just as quickly.

That’ll give all of my boxes a full six weeks at least inside under lights before I put them out mid-may. I really should wait until the end of May, but I never do.

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