Greedy Hungryness

124_2472_JFR.jpgI’m really amazed at the progress we made in just about two and a half hours this morning. We’ve got Thanksgiving tomorrow, and it started raining around noon, so we knew it was going to be a short day outside because we have so much inside stuff that has to get done.

So we started around 8:30 in the morning, finishing up that last log on the sawmill. That one tree provided all of the framing for this shed, and should give us all the siding we need, too. It’s really an amazing process to go from tree to shed in less than a week, if all things still go as planned.

124_2473_JFR.jpgWe got the basic frame of for this third shed just at 11:00, I think. It felt like it’d been longer, and we were both starving, but it’s like it is going so much easier on this third one because we sort of know what we are doing now. We need to get to Home Depot for the roofing metal, but that’s it. I think the total actual cost of these sheds is going to be limited to the metal that’s in them – the roofs, the hinges, the hurricane ties, the screws, the nails. I want to get Frank to quantify how much that actually is per shed, but I bet it’s less than $200 each. Pretty cool.

The Shetlands started joining in the morning breakfast call this morning. Up until today, I only heard my VERY LOUD Icelandic sheep with the “BAAAA” chorus. I forget how long we’ve had them. Maybe six weeks? But I’m recognizing their voices, which I didn’t know was possible. But this morning, I heard ones I didn’t recognize, and it was the wee Shetlands almost polite and timid “baaa”s.

I’m giving them just a bit of the pellets, and they are learning that it is yummy, so are meeting the Red Scoop of Joy every day. Soon they will follow me and that scoop just like the others. Leon in particular now recognizes the lid coming off of the metal trash can they are stored in, and rushes up to me to get some. Since he leads that flock, they are all following him and becoming less timid around me. Yay! It’s working. I’m starting to think I’m understanding their little sheepish personalities. It’s all about the greedy hungryness, for both food and sex. Okay. Gotcha.

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