More settled

Poor Panic under the back deckToday was a cleanup day: I put the last boards back on Sue’s shelter, and then went around putting at least one screw into all of the siding boards. He’ll have to work much harder to get them off again. I put rails in to hang the water and mineral buckets on. The water buckets look like a success, they’re much harder to foul. Only the girls have minerals, I had to clean out the other bucket and I put it aside to dry. I saw June at the bucket, but no big rush, which is as it should be.

I also lowered the hay feeder in the girls shelter since the Shetlands seemed to be doing ok. They liked the new height, things were not as frenetic. However I noticed that they seemed to be getting hay out onto the ground and eating it there. So tomorrow (or Thursday if the rain is too bad) I think I’ll lower it again to see if the hay will stay in then. I think I’ll also lower the Shetlands feeder and see if they like it better.

Panic remains under the porch. It’s not really a good spot, but it could be worse, and I really need to get some other stuff done. I’m leaning toward eventually building him a pen, big enough to put one of the shetland girls in with him. Lisa says we should build him a little doghouse thingy in the pen. We’ve actually got the wood, but I’m hoping to use it for the hatches tomorrow instead.

Treat time was less interesting than yesterday, but they keep me on my toes. The Shetlands were a little skittish after yesterday, then as they were settling down, Minx tried to get under the fence again. It was harder than yesterday, but she was gonna make it and I had to shoo her back, which spooked the Shetlands. Stapling the bottom of the fence to a nice 6×6 should slow her down.

Sassy and Leon came back to the bucket quickly. Cocoa and Valentine got there eventually, Raven flirted with Marilyn, and Jarret just didn’t get it. We’re getting low on veggies, I need to get some more, except that means going to Keene.

the bracket for the water and mineral feeder, shed 2 After feeding I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the mess. The area looks better and so does the wood pile, though it’s really not enough for the downstairs stove either. Tomorrow’s supposed to rain, so I plan on working in the basement, the hatches, and maybe finish the cabinets for the bedroom.

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